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      Jewelry industry status analysis and development trend
      CLOSE 】 【 VISIT: 】 【 DATE:2017-11-09 01:34】
      Now the jewelry industry, regardless of size, such as in the fog to search forward, "the dark matter, the wise see form", 10 years after the jewelry industry is what kind of? Integrated industry expert opinion, judged as follows:
      1, gold will be a definite flashpoint
      In the global economy, cold winter and currency over the background, the jewelry industry will show the trend of value for the king. In today's jewelry category, gold is the real king of the crown, who can cash it like that and play the role of the world currency? In reality, the market price of fair wealth property, which will become the consumer choice and behoove and choice.
      Therefore, the jewelry industry in the next 10 years, the biggest business opportunity is gold, which will be the best way to profit jewelry industry. If the price of gold can be superimposed on the upward trend inflection point, the market growth, such as volcanic eruption, will make the industry and even foreign capital rush! Now, the layout of related industries, may be the best time!
      2, shuffle end, 80% enterprise demise
      China's jewelry industry will go through three stages:
      The first is a brand enterprises and local enterprises monopoly, counter traditional consumption services and products are monotonous; the second is many kinds of online and offline interaction, fierce competition, the price war to pull customers, grab the market, the brand of the stage; third stage is the last stage is. Return to the simple reason, quality and feelings coexist stage.
      China jewelry market is now in the transition from the first stage to the second stage, many enterprises will fall in the second stage, especially with the jewelry consumption shift to the new middle class, consumption pattern transfer to the Internet mobile end consumer focus will be more obvious, that is to say a few products coming companies may be in possession of 80% of the types of products on the market, and many products add up to other enterprises only occupies 20% market share.
      Zhou Dafu as the domestic jewelry industry leader, in 2016 accounted for only about 9% of the market share to jewelry, gold jewelry market in the future, just like the development once the home appliance market, from various brands such as river carp, and various stunt tricks, extremely versatile, the real return to simplicity and rationality, and feelings towards quality.
      Enterprise plus China jewelry industry overcapacity and mature use of funds advantage channel suppression, therefore, according to the foreign market, and the development of other domestic industries, the final 80% jewelry brand will disappear in five years.
      3, multi-dimensional Monopoly brand structure
      What brands will be left in the jewelry market after 10 years? The entire jewelry industry will not be like home appliances, mobile phones and other industry market structure, 5 to 10 mainstream brands account for more than 80% of the market, because the jewelry industry has different characteristics from other industries.
      The most important features of other industries is the use value, but the most important attribute of the jewelry industry is light luxury property can be realized, which is the financial attributes in a certain sense, gold and silver are direct, other diamonds, some indirect color treasure. For example, gold is the currency of the world, can not change the currency of other countries have their own existing, similarly, a jewelry brand strong, also can not change other jewelry brand in the presence of another dimension of reality, because the jewelry industry and the financial system, is a multi-dimensional existence.
      10 years after the jewelry brand is very difficult to have a gold ring, like Zhou Dafu, color treasure do brand positioning will be more refined.
      Simply speaking, the future jewelry market will have a number of dimensions, each dimension will have a mature brand or alliance, these dimensions more than we are now in the eyes of the dimensions, such as geography, category dimensions, including jewelry, O2O field, field of financial intelligence, private custom fields, the field of jewelry, jewelry, the field of cross-border joint media the jewelry business platform, jewelry jewelry testing, industry credit system, the nonprofit sector, design team and independent designers, supply chain......
      Each dimension or across several dimensions will appear mature brand monopoly or a number of brand alliance, and perhaps now the other monopoly industries after the same pattern, the following 10 mainstream brands accounted for more than 80% of the dimensions of the market, but want to appear like Zhou Dafu comprehensive brand, should be very difficult, and the big fish Zhou Dafu's such a comprehensive brand will be more large, comprehensive platform gradually weakened or eaten, the traditional brand profit decline will know!
      4, the emergence of double standard system
      If someone asks, what is now the jewelry industry most, I believe many people have felt the jewelry, the first is the amount of jewelry products system evaluation system, secondly, the jewelry industry credit system, if the two superstructure, the development of the jewelry industry will be thousands of miles a day.
      First of all, jewelry products are not yet perfect quality evaluation system.
      In addition to the diamond jewelry products are 4C standard, gold and silver purity standards abroad can be said that there is no perfect quality evaluation system, especially in the Pearl, colored gemstones, jade fine classification, so completely led to the jewelry industry barbaric growth, bad money drives out good goods.
      Secondly, the jewelry industry's credit system.
      The above analysis, the jewelry industry financial attributes directly or indirectly determines the jewelry industry to the healthy development, must have perfect credit evaluation system, national financial state and make balance system, and the jewelry industry needs more "super credit".


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