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      Jewelry products ushered in Tanabata sales outbreak
      CLOSE 】 【 VISIT: 】 【 DATE:2017-11-09 01:41】
      08, 25 hearing, Tanabata approaching, jewelry products become holiday season hot products, ushered in the outbreak of sales point. In the year of the Qixi Festival jewelry market, in addition to the traditional jewelry, jewelry, jewelry popular intelligent IP theme for its various functions and other new features such as concern, many brand counters are set for this kind of products or the independent sales area is placed in a prominent position. A large number of consumers concerned about these products, many male consumers in advance to their other half to buy the Qixi Festival gift.
      Measure your heartbeat and take pictures
      Technology allows jewelry to convey "love" with wisdom"
      Jewelry as a traditional Valentine's Day gift, has been popular among lovers of consumers. With the extensive application of Internet technology, smart jewelry with its interactive, entertainment and other functions become the "dark horse" of Valentine's Day gift market.
      On suning.com APP, a "smart Love Pendant" set by Zhou Dafu jewelry is popular among consumers. This pair of jewelry is made up of a pair of black and white ceramic titanium alloy pendants, which are different from the usual lovers' pendants. This smart pendant can record the time and pace of the two couples together. In addition, through the mobile phone APP binding jewelry, you can also tap the pendant to open the phone camera, any time to take pictures. More interestingly, the jewelry also by beating 4, two couples feel the heartbeat, in the beauty of jewelry routine features, but also increased interest.
      Which has been the main "smart card" jewelry brand TOTWOO launched "memories" series of jewelry, it can be graphic audio and video recording to the mobile phone, Bluetooth connection in the form of jewelry in the chip, when couples need to browse together warm "memories", just tap the jewelry, the contents will reappear in the mobile phone.
      Smart jewelry from the past has been given "monitoring sleep and sports" and other health functions, and now by "Tanabata" hot spot developed more couples entertainment function to enhance the selling point. Compared to the traditional lovers' jewelry, the smart couple jewelry brings a sense of technology and experience, to meet the needs of young consumers for fashion. Many traditional jewelry brands in the Internet era have begun to test the water smart jewelry development, in the highly competitive jewelry market to win the attention of consumers.

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